What Type Of Women Work In Korea’s Nightlife Community?

Women working in Korea are employed in many different things. Others are lawyers, opticians and doctors. Others are government workers, factory workers and the usual rank and files. These women have different opportunities in the positions they are in, however, women working in Korea’s night life is an entirely different thing.

These women come from diversified and various backgrounds. They are also engaged in different roles. Their reasons for working and getting involved into jobs like these are usually driven by socio-economic factors or other personal circumstances. The pay of these jobs is very, very good which is why women resort to these jobs.

Below are the kinds jobs women are in in the nightlife community of Korea:

  • Hostesses/ General Relations Officers
  • Bar workers
  • Bar tenders
  • Performers
  • Promoters/ Managers or supervisors


These are women in the nightlife community who enjoy serving their customers. Because of how hard life is financially, these women choose to hostessing in order to make it and survive in their day to day. This job is very popular and these women can usually be found in clubs and bars throughout cities. There are also those who are on-call and can be subcontracted when needed.

Bar workers

There are women who are instead choose to perform support functions in establishments. These women are bar workers and usually their roles are waiters, cashiers and maintenance. They work in the bar but have less contact with the customers.

Bar tenders

There are also women who take on the roles for bar tending. These women have skills in bar tending and would choose to show off their talent in this area other than any other roles.


There are women who opt to work in a more entertaining industry. These women are performers and usually, they dance in front of the audience. Night clubs and adult entertainment venues are usually the places where you see these women. Some may permit themselves to be engaged in sexual activities but there are also some who prefer to just perform or dance without any other side hustles.


There are also women who are known as promoters. These women are employed to promote these nightclubs or are considered to be a part of management. Usually, supervisors and managers promote the bar and the hostesses in order to gain more sales. These women have been in this industry long enough to know the ins and outs of it.